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Consumer Electronics

For a Consumer Electronic Enterprise that wants to adopt IoT into its organisation quickly, we provide end-to-end IoT Enterprise suite.

  1. Device On-boarding

Our experienced Integration team helps you smoothly convert your regular appliance such as an air conditioner or a refrigerator into an IoT enabled device. Once your hardware is ready to be connected to the internet, it can easily use IoTfy’s SDKs/Libraries and Secure Messaging Protocols to connect with the IoTfy platform.

  1. Cloud Platform

IoTfy platform offers 4 elements:

  1. Control Panel
  2. Storage Engine
  3. Analytics Engine
  4. Rules Engine

The Control Panel is the unified web dashboard for managing the other 3 engines as will as the devices, data and users.

With the help of control panel, Enterprises can create user accounts, monitor and manage the data being generated and derive intelligence out that data using our analytics engine. Enterprises can also set up automation commands similar to trigger-action mechanism (if this then that) using our rules engine.

 3. Mobile App

We also offer White Labelled mobile application that Enterprises can provide their end consumers. This empowers the end consumer to monitor and manage their appliances using their mobile phones.

4. Maintenance and Support

We offer 24×7 dedicated support to our Enterprise clients.

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