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Water Purifiers

IoTfying Water Purifiers

For a Water Purifier Manufacturer who wants to adopt IoT into its product lines quickly and cost-effectively, we provide IoTfy Water Purifier Suite (IWPS), an end-to-end solution to make your water purifiers connected and smart.

IoTfy Water Purifier Suite (IWPS) is specially crafted keeping in mind the problems of water purifier manufacturers. Our idea is not only to help manufacturers build technologically advance products but also to help them tackle the major problems of this industry such as Depleting margins, Limited AMC’s, Warranty frauds, Overheads, etc.

IPWS is able to help manufacturers by allowing them to build connected products, make service business a profit center and ensure consumer retention and delight.

IoTfy IWPS Schematic


The suite comprises of 4 elements:


We provide an indigenously built integrated hardware module that can be retrofit in your water purifier. The module provides communication capabilities to cloud and control functions.  The integration is performed by experts from our team.

Hardware kit is a small unit that has following modules:

1. WiFi Module: For communicating locally with mobile app or wifi router
2. Microcontroller
3. Indicator LED’s: One for POWER status other for Wifi status
4. Sensor points: Where flow sensor and TDS sensors are attached
5. Power regulator for taking power from Power Supply of RO Unit (24 v)

The hardware kit gets the following data/states:
Flow Meter
Input TDS
Output TDS
LPS State
Solenoid Valve State
Tank Water Level


IoTfy offers very powerful IoT platform with storing data coming from water purifiers, applying analytics on top of the data and a rules engine for automating regular tasks such as push notifications of service alerts, part replacement alerts, etc.


Manufacturers are provided with an admin panel where they can create user accounts, monitor and manage service calls, replacement alerts, etc. and can also use the platform to push cross-sell/ upsell / AMCs opportunities to existing users.

A manufacturer will be provided with an admin panel where he can check:

  1. Customer details
  2. Service Alerts based on real-time info
  3. Date when the purifier was started to be used
  4. Part replacement alerts
  5. Option to generate push notifications to cross-sell/up-sell/AMC opportunities

The manufacturer can view

  • Which purifier is being used by whom,
  • What is it’s the health status,
  • When is the next service scheduled, etc.


Customized app for your consumers using which they can check the health status of the water purifier and schedule a service or replacement call. They will also receive cross-sell/upsell/AMC notifications through this app.

A consumer can check the following on the app:

1. Amount of water purified
2. Water level –Full/Not full
3. TDS reading at input and output
4. Solenoid value status
5. LPS status
6. Flush
7. Pump

The consumer will be kept conscious about the health status of the water purifier and will be alerted when a service or part replacement is required. He has an option to “Schedule a Service” that registers the service request with the manufacturer.