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Description: Returns the data logged by the device(s), based on below params. The API returns 500 data rows at a time. If there are more results, the output has a ‘next’ value, which can be used to fetch the next 500 results. The results are always sorted by time with the latest logged data coming first.

HTTP Method: GET (HTTPS Only)

Auth Method: Basic Auth

The request must contain ‘Authorization’ header, which is formed by base64 encoding of your developer ID and API Key. To learn more about basic auth string formation, visit here.

Request Params:

device_name (optional): Name of the device. Use this if you want to get data of a particular device, else the API will return data for all the devices.

tag (optional): Use this parameter to get data from all the devices which are marked with a particular tag.

start, end (optional): These 2 params are used together, when result set from a datetime range is needed. The format for the value is ‘YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss’. If one is provided, other must also be provided or else the call will fail to return any data.

more (optional): Default is none. The value of the ‘next’ in the output goes here for fetching more results as described above. When using this param, make sure that the call contains all the original values, of the other parameters, as they were in the first call.