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What is a pricing structure of the Enterprise IoT suite?

We offer monthly/annual subscription plans for our Enterprise IoT Suite. The plans have a tiered structure based on the number of API calls being made and data being stored onto our servers.

For large Enterprises and Manufacturing houses, we also facilitate private cloud deployments.

To know more, please feel free to contact us.

Does IoTfy provide corporate solutions for domains other than mentioned here?

We might!

The IoTfy architecture has been designed in a way that it can support virtually any kind of IoT hardware.

To know more, please feel free to contact us.

What are the benefits of using IoTfy to build my IoT product line?

Starting an IoT product line has lots of variables. Hiring 3 different teams in Web, Embedded and Mobile Technology, to develop a product in-house may seem challenging. The greater challenge is understanding that the development is only the first milestone achieved.

Integrating the technologies, managing the users/devices/data and providing round the clock maintenance is usually where most organisations do not have the core competency.

Our clients who have tried this route have mostly ended with a jury rigged solution, in about a year’s time (average)that is neither SCALABLE nor SECURE.

The beauty about IoTfy is that it has been designed by the Industry Experts. Check out the leadership team.

On an average, our clients have found to have saved 2/3rd of their budget using IoTfy and have reduced the design-develop-deploy cycle by 80%. Please let us know if you would like a case study detailing the case in point.

We want you to save your time and money by using it. You can focus on building amazing new product and not worrying about confusing communications protocols, rigid IT infrastructure, databases, etc.

How scalable is IoTfy?

IoTfy is designed to manage multi-millions devices, projects and huge amount of data.

Don’t worry about scalability, because we do it for you!

Is my data secure in IoTfy?

We care a lot for the privacy of our users. Please check our privacy policy and our terms of service.

Where can I stay updated about IoTfy and get the latest news?

Follow our blog and stay connected via social media – facebook, twitter, linkedin.

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