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Security & Surveillance

Today, CCTV cameras based surveillance is mostly a reactive approach towards surveillance. IoTfy is making CCTV cameras based surveillance proactive by providing a scalable IoT cloud backend for CCTV cameras. Our clients are using our cloud platform for detecting events from CCTV footage, securely saving video snippets corresponding to those events to our cloud, and setting up rules to perform various actions such as (sending mails, SMS, calls etc) via our web dashboard.

  1. Smart Cloud backend

Secure and Scalable cloud backend for CCTV Camera surveillance that intelligently records video snippets for events that happen.

  1. Quick & Easy Setup

For System Integrators, a plug and play hardware that sits on top of an existing setup can connect you to the powerful IoTfy platform. The configuration time of hardware is less than 2 hours.

For CCTV Camera OEMs, we offer ready to use SDKs & Libraries that they can integrate in their firmware and directly connect with the IoTfy platform.

  1. Events & Detection

User can create custom events via the web dashboard such as Fire, Anomaly detection, Gate opening & Closing, Camera Tampering, Fault occurrence, etc.. These events once registered can be detected using our intelligent platform.

  1. Event Notification/Alerts

On event detection, a notification/alert is generated. The notification/alert can be propagated to the user via multiple mediums including, but not limited to, email, text message, phone calls, and instant messaging.  The notification can also come attached with a video snippet of the event

  1. Offline Search

The videos snippets stored on cloud are searchable on the basis of Time, Date and Event.

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