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IoTfy provide services to help customers build internet connected products and manage the new business processes and services built on top of these internet connected products.

We understand that adopting IoT in your business is not only about building the internet connected product, but, it also impacts the business processes. Our proven methodology helps customers take full control of the new products as well as the new business processes and models.

Our experienced team of IoT experts helps customers right from the product ideation and use case dissection step. We take ownership of the entire product development cycle and work closely with the customers to design and develop Embedded hardware, firmware, mobile applications, cloud applications, user interfaces, integration with existing business applications (cloud, on-prem, or legacy), and machine learning algorithms.


Our team of IoT experts have years of business and technology consulting experience. Our IoT experts collaborate with customers to identify use cases and product ideas. Our unique and proven methodology enables us to identify opportunity areas swiftly.
We take into account both business and technology challenges and come up with solutions that stand the test for both the aspects. With our business and technology expertise, IoTfy has become preferred innovation partner for a lot of customers globally.


Our in-house team of embedded engineers helps customers with designing and developing production ready embedded hardware and firmware. Owing to our team’s decade long experience in hardware design, we use our best practices to deliver embedded designs that have proven efficiency and short roll out time.
Our stringent design validation and testing processes ensure that the hardware designs we deliver meet the requirements of the customers. We also take into account small intricacies such as component availability, optimized Bill of Material (BoM) cost, trusted vendors, etc. while designing the hardware.


IoTfy also offers a robust cloud backend for IoT products and solutions. We customize the backend to meet specific requirements of the product/use case we are building for our customers. Our cloud platform provides a scaleable storage engine for the data coming from the internet connected devices, a notification engine for setting rules to trigger notifications based on data analytics, and analytics engine for digging insights out of the continuous stream of data coming from devices. Our cloud backend also provides an executive dashboard which provides all the information about your connected devices business.


We understand that end users of the connected devices we design and develop for our customers also are an important stake holder. Our team of expert mobile developers helps customers to roll out mobile apps for Android, Windows, and iOS platforms. We focus a lot on design and features presented to the end users.
Our methodology of focusing on Design, Product Planning, Testing, and Optimization has been acknowledged by a lot of our customers. We make sure that our customers brand value enhances with every use of the mobile apps we deliver to our customers.


Data is of NO use, until we draw real business focused insights from the data. IoTfy has pioneered the arena of marrying IoT with Machine Learning. We custom create machine learning algorithms for our customers to help them identify revenue opportunities from data coming from devices. Our focus on creating value for both our enterprise customers and device end users enable us to train the machine learning algorithms in such as way that they never miss out on any opportunity that helps our customers or their end users. In past, we have built machine learning algorithms that helped our customers improve to process efficiencies, to predict maintenance events, to reduce machine failure, and to detect unauthorized access.